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💯 MAX Cleaner - Multi-function Phone Cleaner

🗑 Junk Cleaner - Clean up unwanted junk files on your phone.
🗑 Files Cleaner - Clean up large files and unused files in your phone.
🗑 Clipboard Cleaner - Clean up the contents of the clipboard.
🗑 Virus Cleaner - Clean up viruses fast and easily from your device.
🗑 Cleaner - Find and clean up photos with similar image content.
🗑 System Cleaner - With read/write external storage permission, MAX Cleaner cleans the junk files on your SD card storage or internal storage.
🗑 Memory Cleaner - Clean memory cache/ cache cleaner.
🗑 Notification Cleaner - Clean unwanted notifications with junk cleaner & memory cleaner.
🗑 Cache Cleaner - Clean up the online records and protect your privacy.

💯 MAX Cleaner - Professional Antivirus Cleaner

🛡 Antivirus for Android - Provide the malicious file scan and removal with the professional Antivirus engine.
🛡 Antivirus Master - Professional Antivirus for Android security, security guard as Antivirus Master.
🛡 Virus Scan - Fully scan virus files to protect the mobile phone security.
🛡 Virus removal - Remove viruses to protect your phone in all aspects.
🛡 Virus Cleaner - Deep cleaning of viruses to protect your privacy.
🛡 Virus protection - Real-time protection against virus intrusion with virus cleaner.

📱Best Cleaner For Android 8+ Oreos
Android 8+ system is not the same as other Android systems. Therefore, developers optimized Nox Cleaner to work optimally on the Android 8+ version.

🔋Battery Saver
By analyzing battery usage status and helps to find and stop battery-draining apps, Nox Cleaner will effectively optimize your battery life, extend and save battery longer.

📦App Manager
Nox Cleaner provides information on apps that are not used based on usage. You can manage and uninstall apps that are rarely used to provide more storage space that can speed up Android storage & speed.

📷Image Manager
Nox Cleaner can analyze photo gallery and sort them into different albums where the users can see similar or blurry photos to delete.

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